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Conservation First USA has partnered with the Big-Game Hero Competition to bring global awareness to the importance of wildlife conservation. All funds we receive from these competitions are used to support conservation projects not only in Arizona, but throughout the Southwestern states!

The most recent competition raised $989,000 for conservation! This year we provided two prizes to Big-Game Hero for the competition. The Trophy Elk Hunt on the Vermejo Ranch in New Mexico that generated close to $600,000 in last year’s first ever competition was awarded to the runner-up in the competition. The grand prize was a coveted AZ Special Big Game Mule Deer tag.

Idaho resident Matt Hansen was the grand prize winner, and Heather Beck was the runner up winning the Vermejo elk hunt. We look forward to hearing about both hunters’ experiences!

The winner of our first joint venture, Cooper Duennenberg went on his  5-day Bull Elk Hunt with Turner Ranch Outfitting at Vermejo in New Mexico in September of 2022. He looks pretty happy!
Big-Game Hero 1st Season Winner

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